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Poultry & Egg Summit Latin America 2016



Buenos Aires, Argentina, 25-27 October 2016


Poultry & Egg Summit explores Argentina’s export potential

Key players from Argentina’s sector for poultry meat and eggs have taken part in a unique international conference in Buenos Aires, convened to discuss how poultry producing countries in Latin America can move forward on the world stage. They were participating at the inaugural Poultry & Egg Summit Latin America, presented 25 – 27 October 2016 by VIV worldwide in co-operation with the International Egg Commission and the International Poultry Council.

National leaders

Diána Tóth, conference manager for VIV worldwide, acknowledges the involvement of the Argentine associations CEPA (for poultry meat) and CAPIA (for eggs) in the meeting. This extended from conference presentations about the national market by CEPA president Roberto Domenech and CAPIA president Javier Prida, she notes, to the wide support of the associations through their networks and contacts.

“Their backing has undoubtedly played a considerable part in the success of Poultry & Egg Summit Latin America 2016,“ says Diána. “The meeting has had about 150 participants and by our calculation they have represented around 75% of the current poultry business in Argentina. Among the production leaders present have been the main integrators in poultry meat and the larger egg companies, as well as officers of the national poultry associations.”

Spotlight on trade

The two-day conference had been given the central theme of poultry trade perspectives for Latin America. In practice, its main thread was a discussion of the recent revival of Argentina’s poultry prospects after a difficult period for producers nationally.

Expert speakers described opportunities for Argentina to build its exports of poultry products in addition to growing the domestic market. One presentation in this context was by Dr. Béatrice Conde-Petit, food safety officer at Bühler, who gave a specifically Latin American emphasis to her remarks about the challenges and possible solutions for sustainability in markets that are starting again.

Sustainability and competitiveness

Other speakers included Dr. Mário Penz, director of strategic accounts at Cargill Animal Nutrition, on sustainability issues in broiler production. “The first edition of VIV Poultry & Egg Summit Latin America was a great experience for me and, I am sure for the participants,” said Dr. Penz. “It is always important to hear inputs from different poultry perspectives and giving values to variables of the business that are extremely dynamic.”

Nan-Dirk Mulder, senior global animal protein analyst with Rabobank International, highlighted the global competitiveness of Latin America’s poultry industries in his presentation.

Praise from participants

The meeting in Buenos Aires won plaudits from participants both for the quality of the ambiance and for delivering good information on important topics to a targeted audience.

From Colombian poultry federation Fenavi, its president Andrés Valencia Pinzón called the Summit “an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues from the Latin American poultry industry and with a very relevant agenda of up-to-date information”.

José Eduardo dos Santos, executive director of Brazilian poultry association Asgav, praised the event as “very interesting and productive; this coming together of Europe and Latin America has brought a lot of benefits for market planning and information for disease prevention systems that concern our poultry sector”.

In the words of Hans Mulder, managing director of the Dutch-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, “this was a good example of what such events should be — a perfect match between learning from the latest technical developments, trends and tendencies in trade and investments on the one side and many networking opportunities on the other, realised in an effective yet pleasant setting”.

Travis Schaal, technical manager at Hy-Line International, appreciated “the interaction between Latin American and global colleagues, as well as the diverse topics covered in the programme with its focus on trade of products and commodities which was specifically relevant to the region and the worldwide industry”.

Valuable connections

“VIV’s experience in organising major feed-to-food trade fairs for animal protein sectors in Asia, Europe and the Middle East means we have a huge international network in parts of the world that are significant importers of poultry products,” Diána Tóth comments. “This outreach has certainly been evident in the way that Poultry & Egg Summit Latin America has demonstrated to Argentine executives the future outlook for the development of export opportunities in those places.”

Its success looks set to mark the start of similar initiatives elsewhere in the Latin American region. According to Diána, although Latin America already has many poultry conferences each year, VIV worldwide will return with the Poultry & Egg Summit format in the coming years on the basis of presenting a unique and distinctive programme because they can see the value in bringing their global networking skills to other countries regionally. “As the Summit in Argentina has shown,” she declares, “we can connect the world!”

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